Niecy Nash-Betts Cheers for Cousin Oscar Nominees

Niecy Nash-Betts Cheers for Cousin Oscar Nominees

Hey, little buddies! Imagine having a big family where everyone is doing something super awesome. Well, our friend Niecy Nash-Betts just shared some exciting news about her cousins getting nominated for Oscars. Let’s dive into this family celebration!

Niecy Nash : Family Tree

Niecy Nash-Betts is not just a fantastic actress; she’s also part of a cool family tree. On Tuesday, she took to social media to show support for her cousins, Sterling K. Brown and Danielle Brooks, both nominated for Oscars. It’s like having a big family party, but with lots of shiny stars!

Niecy Nash-Betts Cheers for Cousin Oscar Nominees

Niecy Nash : Real Cousins, Real Excitement

In her post, Niecy made it clear – these aren’t just pretend cousins; they are real, blood-related cousins. It’s like when you have your favorite play buddies, and you’re all cheering for each other. Niecy said, “I’m so proud of my fam!” That’s short for family, and it means she’s really happy for them.

Niecy Nash : A Special Shoutout to Sofia and American Fiction

Now, let’s talk about why everyone is cheering. Danielle Brooks got nominated for her role as Sofia in a movie called “The Color Purple.” Imagine playing your favorite character, and everyone claps for you – that’s how Danielle must be feeling! Sterling K. Brown got a nod for his acting in a movie called “American Fiction.” It’s like getting a gold star for being an amazing actor.

Niecy Nash : The Mystery of Family Connections

We all know how cousins are special friends, but sometimes it’s a mystery how exactly they are related. Niecy Nash-Betts, Danielle Brooks, and Sterling K. Brown are family, but the details are like a cool puzzle we don’t know yet. Maybe they’ll share more about it later.

Double-Congratulations for Niecy’s Cousins

Receiving an Oscar nomination is a significant achievement. It’s like winning the biggest game or having the yummiest ice cream. But here’s the cool part – Niecy Nash-Betts gets to cheer for not just one cousin but two! It’s a double celebration!

The Supporting Actor and Actress Stars

In movies, there are main characters, and there are supporting characters who make the story even more exciting. Danielle Brooks and Sterling K. Brown are like the shining stars in these supporting roles. It’s like having a favorite toy that makes all your games more fun!

Another Famous Relative Discovery

Guess what? Niecy Nash-Betts is not new to having famous relatives. Last year, she discovered on the show ‘Finding Your Roots’ that the activist Angela Davis is a distant cousin. It’s like uncovering a treasure chest of cool connections in your family history.

A Social Media Celebration

Niecy shared the happy news on a place called Instagram. It’s like a big bulletin board where you can post pictures and messages for everyone to see. She even put up a picture of the three cousins, and they look so happy together. It’s like showing off your favorite family photo!

The Oscars – Where Dreams Come True

The Oscars are like a big party for movies and actors. Getting nominated is a bit like being invited to the coolest birthday bash. Now, Niecy Nash-Betts and her cousins get to be part of this fantastic celebration. It’s like getting a front-row seat to watch your friends shine!

The Family Story Continues

So, little pals, that’s the story of Niecy Nash-Betts cheering for her cousins, Sterling K. and Danielle Brooks. Brown. They are like a superhero team of actors, making their family tree sparkle with excitement. Let’s keep watching the family story unfold and cheer for more amazing moments!